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I really enjoyed watching this video....over and....over again. It really shows what the people of
(I think) Earth were going through. How they did not trust the robots (even Protoman). It really follows the song very well and the lip sync using sprites was incredibly well done. Nice job! Also....where is the 8-bit version of the song that plays at the end? I really like that twist that you added. From Modern to classic 8-bit...Nice. Anyways, if I could find that where would it be?

Thanks again for the awesome representation of (what I think) is the best song from the Protomen's album.

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Well Crap. I loved the idea behind those Ruins, but for the love of....geez. The ruin itself was a real pain in my keester.
Even so this remix really captures the freezing cold conditions that the Ice Ruins gave. Did i mention, i felt cold just listening to this? :D

Nice job though, honestly.

You sir are amazing. Here have a cookie.

No but seriously. This is an incredibly well done remix of the original. It really captures the epic yet mysterious feeling the Sub Cites of Mega Man Legends was trying to portray.

Again awesome job!

This is awesome, just like all of your other Super Mario 64 remix. I think you are doing a incredible job with these, so DON'T STOP! Can't wait to hear them all fully finished.

Keep up the awesome work!

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Will you be providing a link to the line art version? ^_^

Kappadoggo responds:

Unfortunately I don't have the original SAI file since my old drive died last year and I recovered only these 2 things from it. Bummer :(


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